Videonale X

Alles was Du schon immer über Videokunst wissen wolltest!

Videonale X


We conceived Videonale X as an extension of the online video archive of the Videonale. Videonale X complements the works with short video formats produced in collaboration with the artists. They offer entertaining insights into the everyday life of the artists and the artistic, technical and conceptual development process of the individual works.

Videonale X thus becomes a digitally experienceable place for the presentation and mediation of video art. The online platform is constantly expanding and makes it possible for users to discover new and surprising aspects of the video art works of the Videonale.

Videonale X was developed in close collaboration with the Büro für Brauchbarkeit. From the beginning, the approach was "mobile first". The goal was to create a spatial environment that invites users to move through the collection of video artworks and video clips using familiar elements such as swiping and scrolling.

Accessibility is important to us. We have therefore taken care to provide information in two languages throughout (German and English), to optimize readability through font size and contrast, and to make navigation as simple and intuitive as possible

 “Experience all you ever wanted to know about video art.”
total of five formats are hidden behind this slogan:

desktop selfie

What does the internet know?
This short digital recording provides unique and intimate insights into the work process of Videonale artists on the computer screen. They introduce themselves and their work by typing their name into Google Images and showing pictures and websites that are essential to their artistic work.

X questions

Everyday life of an artist
This short digital selfportrait offers an exclusive and intimate insight into the everyday life of Videonale artists. Here they answer a selection of creative, somewhat unusual questions.


The development of the video works
In digitally guided conversations, artists, curators, staff and jury members provide a deeper insight into the genesis of the works.


The digital work process
The short clips give an exclusive insight into the digital work process of artists who work with video. They open their digital toolbox and explain the technical, conceptual and organizational processes associated with video art.

eXtra view

What do the pros say?
Curators, directors and artists present their favorite works from the Videonale.archive. They provide particularly interesting and exclusive insights into the work and its background.

Artistic Director

Tasja Langenbach

Curatorial Director & Project Management

Miriam Hausner

Data Management & Maintenance

Lea Oreyzi

Concept, Graphic Design & Programming

Corporate Wording

Transcription & Translation

Christina Bergmann
Sarah Schygulla


Marcus Laufenberg


Alina Fuchte
Andrea Geipel
Annette Ziegert
Christiane Hütter
Dominik Bönisch
Judith Kirchner
Ruven Wiegert

Videonale.X is developed as part of "dive in. Programme for Digital Interactions" of the Kulturstiftung des Bundes (German Federal Cultural Foundation) with funding by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media (BKM) through the NEUSTART KULTUR programme.